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Who is the "best” photographer? Every name someone gives is just as correct as the last. Because art is subjective, you cannot prove who the “best” photographer is in the same straightforward way you can prove that one plus one is two. There is no scientific or mathematical method to find the best photographer.

Perhaps a better question is, “Do you 'need' or 'want' the best?” Shoots like senior portraits can be reshot easily if necessary, but weddings and family portraits cannot, especially if those events have family members who live far away or are in their last years of life. In these precious moments that cannot be regained once they are gone, years of experience mean something.

I could say, “We are the best.” We have two-day shipping on prints, and digital images are accessible within seconds after purchasing. We’ve built our own ordering system so that we can make sure the customer has the smoothest experience possible. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our prints. We built a way for customers to book their weddings and sessions for $100 in 100 seconds as well as easily sign their agreement online. We’ve even built a way for customers to customize their wedding packages online. We care about the customer experience so deeply that customers do not even need a knife to open their print packaging—only fingers are required. We are one of the few companies that offers videography and photography in one package. However, even with substantial effort and innovation, we still can’t prove we are the “best” because the “best” cannot be proven.

So how do you find the “best”? The truthful answer is that you cannot, but with some work you can find the “best” for you. This is not a quick process and there are no shortcuts. You have to pick up the phone and start making phone calls. When requesting pricing and availability, spend some time chatting with the photographer and be sure to look closely at their website. The manner and care in which they deliver their pricing and show off their portfolio is a good indicator of how much care they’ll put into working with you.

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